Your Guide To Playing Free Blackjack Online

Blackjack ImageWhether you refer to it as twenty-one or blackjack, this classic card game has long been one of the most popular casino games around the globe. Blackjack can be found in every casino around, not to mention the plethora of online casinos offering not only blackjack but a slew of variations on the game. What we attempt to provide you with is an accurate, helpful resource. Whether you're looking to play free blackjack online, or even if you would just like to know where the reputable gaming establishments are, we strive to provide you with that information. This guide provides insight into why you should play blackjack for free, how to play mobile blackjack, and where to find the best options for real money blackjack.

One of the trickiest things with blackjack is the fact that it is such a popular game. This means casinos offer multiple versions of the game, different downloadable apps and versions of the game. Anyone looking to invest their time, or even their money, in the game of blackjack should be able to navigate the terrain.

This is where we come in. Want to know which casinos offer the best blackjack games? Need to figure out which game style is right for you? Want to learn more about the game and the advantages of certain playing styles before you invest capital? Hopefully our resource will address your concerns and much more.

Other Great Casinos Offering Both Real Money Or Free Blackjack Games

Each of the following casinos allow all players to play for free. Once you have signed up a new account, when you log into the casino simply check "play for free" instead of "play for real money". In addition if you do decide you want to play for real money, these particular casinos offer some fantastic welcome bonuses for new players to enjoy. I know these might seem too good to be true, but I assure you these are some of the most popular and reputable sites on the web who do in fact pay all players when they win.

Casino Link Welcome Bonus USA Friendly Rating
Bovada Casino 100% Max $3000 USA Allowed 4 Stars
Sun Palace Casino 400% Max $10,000 - Live Dealer Blackjack Available USA Allowed 5 Stars

Why Play Free Blackjack Games Online?

Although there are many variations of blackjack to be found online, from tournament-style games to single-player heads-up matches and more, the only two main varieties most concern themselves with are the same: Real money and free money blackjack. These are not complicated categories to understand. They are exactly what they sound like. In a real money game, you are depositing money into an account and subsequently playing with your cash. In a free money game, you are playing with the house's faux money.

Of course, earning a billion dollars in house play money doesn't even equal a single cent in real money. In poker, at least, playing freerolls on the house can earn you placement in real money tournaments and can help you build a bank roll. Blackjack is completely different in this regard. However, there are many benefits in playing for free money. So, why play free blackjack games? Here are a few solid reasons.

Learning More About the Game

One reason you may want to consider playing free money blackjack is that you have a risk-free way to learn more about the game. Although Rainman himself couldn't count cards in an online shoe, a savvy player can still learn more about the game by actually playing the game. Nothing is able to substitute experience. Playing with house money allows you to learn and practice different strategies and tactics. It can help you better understand doubling down, splitting, and playing off of the dealer rather than off of the deck. Having the experience under your belt can also provide you with the confidence necessary to make your initial real money deposit. Practice might not make perfect in this case, but it will make you a seasoned blackjack player.

Growing Accustomed to the Software and Environment

Most casino software is similar in some regard, but it all differs in numerous small ways that only a trained eye can catch. For instance, the fact that casino A's blackjack games have a lot more dealer busts than casino B's is not a coincidence or confirmation bias that you are incorrectly inferring. While the algorithms used are ironclad and not able to be counted or hacked, they still operate differently per casino. And the longer you play at a casino, the better feel you're going to have for staying, hitting, playing with multiple players or just with a dealer, etc. These tendencies cannot be accurately tracked and predicted, but your comfort level and expectations matter tremendously when playing blackjack. Staying cool, calm and collected helps you make wise, measured decisions. Practicing with free money helps you to become comfortable in your climate.

Truly Testing the Site's Credibility

It is said that anything in life reveals its true nature eventually. This is also true for an online casino. The longer you play free money blackjack, the more you are going to understand about the casino on which you're playing. Not only will you be able to tell if the site is fair and realistic with its odds, but you will probably meet and speak with other players just like you. If anyone has been robbed or wronged by the casino, you will certainly hear about it via user complaints. The longer you play, the more likely you are to find out how the casino operates.

While some players may be eager to deposit real money at a casino, we urge caution here. Even if you find a reputable casino that's highly rated, you should first play for house money to learn the ins and outs and to practice any sort of strategy. Never rush in wildly. Calm, measured gamblers are typically more successful than loose cannons.

A History of Blackjack and Its Influence

The premise of blackjack is incredibly simple, and the odds are great that if you are visiting our site you do not need a refresher course on the game's format. However, to be safe, here is a really quick, paraphrased rundown of the game: Blackjack is played with at least one player and a dealer. Each party at the table is dealt two cards of a standard 52-card deck (unless otherwise noted). The goal is to either accept new cards, or abstain from any further cards, and be the closest to the numerical value of 21. You do not have to hit 21; you simply have to beat the dealer, while avoiding busting - e.g. going over the value of 21.

The game's premise is so simple and so catchy that it's no wonder there are no clear origins of blackjack. That's right; unlike roulette, slots, baccarat, and other casino favorites, no one really knows how blackjack got started. It was truly a grass roots game that spread over time and around different cultures.

The earliest known reference to blackjack came by way of a novel from Spanish author Miguel de Cervantes'. This was all the way back in 1601, and Cervantes accurately describes in his novel the precise game of today's blackjack. The game would ultimately spread through Europe in the 16th and 17th Centuries, and the conclusion of the French Revolution in the late 1700s brought the game to North America, where it would help give rise to one of history's largest gambling cities.

Modern Blackjack

One of the reasons for blackjack's extreme success at casinos was the mathematical certainty that any player able to keep track of a deck count could earn a pointed advantage over the house. From MIT professors to savants off the streets, blackjack rose meteorically in part due to the fact it was a winnable game. Just do not let a pit boss or casino manager catch you counting! Things can turn Martin Scorsese in a hurry.

This is why today's blackjack, whether in live casinos or online, is configured in such a way that it deters counting. That is to say, today's game uses multiple decks, stored in what is called a shoe, and online algorithms make it practically impossible to predict which cards have been used or are still in play due to random shuffles, random number assignments, and billions of variables which change orders of magnitude after each new shuffle.

Understanding how blackjack operates will help to put you in a better position to succeed while playing. With this resource, we hope to deliver pertinent information about the game, whether you want to play free blackjack or whether you want to go for the high stakes.