Mobile Blackjack Apps - Play Online Blackjack On The Go Using Real Money Or Free Play

Blackjack ImageWe live in a fantastic age that even the most prophetic among us couldn't have even begun to envision only a few short decades ago. Huge, unsightly cellular phones have been replaced with sleek, stylish smartphones. Bulky and uncomfortable laptops have been replaced with tablet PCs. And as the hardware becomes more convenient and readily available, so too does the Internet connection that powers our collective connectivity. This means more and more mobile applications, and more and more gamblers looking to play blackjack specifically on mobile websites.

Playing Mobile Blackjack For Free

Any of the casinos mentioned on this page offer players the ability to play mobile blackjack for free. All you need to do is signup a new account, then click the "play for free" option instead of real money when logging in. This gives players a great opportunity to test the mobile interface and see what it's all about before playing for real money. Or if you aren't a real money player, just play for free until your heart's content.

Playing Mobile Blackjack For Real Money

The following websites offer free mobile blackjack as well as real money play. If you want to try and win real cash, simply click on any of the links and you will be taken to an exclusive landing page where you will find a blackjack specific bonus offer for real play. These casinos are all competiting for your business, so they offer these enticing bonuses in hopes that you will choose them over the other guy.

Casino Link Welcome Bonus USA Friendly Rating
Bovada Casino 100% Max $3000 USA Allowed 4 Stars
Sun Palace Casino 400% Max $10,000 - Live Dealer Blackjack Available USA Allowed 5 Stars

What You Should Know About Mobile Gaming

One area of particular interest for would-be mobile gamblers is the platform dispute. While some people can be described as Apple fanboys, others are Android or Windows diehards. These different companies offer different computing platforms. To put in a simpler way: The operating systems (OS) of these devices differ, thus their functionality differs. So, an app that you can install on your iPhone iOS software might not be compatible with an Android OS.

These operating systems are not open source; they are more like closely guarded company secrets, and it is not unusual for one company to sue another for anything even remotely similar. What you're left with is a device that, while appearing the same cosmetically and aesthetically, actually functions quite differently.

The way to get around this is to find casinos where you can play mobile blackjack on a responsive or more inclusive format. For instance, rather than seeking out a specific app that you can download for the purposes of playing online mobile blackjack, instead look for a mobile casino offering on-site play.

What is the difference between the two? A downloadable application is only going to be compatible with a certain type of OS. This is even a problem within the same OS. For example, using a desktop OS, a program compatible with Windows XP may not work with Windows 7. So finding an app that is compatible with Apple iphones and Android may be too tall a task. On the other hand, a mobile site offering on-site play typically uses a responsive web design.

What a responsive web design offers mobile gamblers is an on-site theme that acts fluidly. That is to say, the design responds to your OS, rather than needing your OS to respond to the design. So, whatever functions you have on your mobile device, the website's software will mold to that, allowing you to play on any mobile device by which you enter the casino.

Common Misconceptions About Mobile Gaming

There are two main complaints about mobile gambling, typically made by people on speculation who have yet to experience mobile gambling. 1) The screen is too small to play a fun game of blackjack. 2) The software won't run as smoothly as it would on a more powerful PC.

Touching on #1 first, understand something about modern innovators: They aren't foolish. Since the first cell phone with Internet access burst onto the scene (probably an indestructible Nokia), companies have been working incredibly hard to develop highly visible displays in full 1080p. While the cards and characters are undoubtedly smaller on a mobile screen, the brightness, contrast and vivid nature of the picture gives an almost 3D-like appearance which pops right off the screen. Mobile gaming is highly visible. You will not mistake numbers or suits when playing blackjack; you will easily be able to see what's going on. Not to mention that characters are often bigger by scale on mobile applications and responsive templates.

For #2, you also have to realize that these issues have been around for a while, and have been addressed frequently and thoroughly. Today's mobile hardware, while not packing a huge punch of RAM, have next-generation processors, like the Intel i-Series, and these little super-engines can process billions upon billions of pieces of data in a flash. Mobile apps and on-site mobile templates run incredibly smoothly while you're playing online mobile blackjack. The games themselves are not processor intensive, like a gaming console or a standalone game like a shooter or RPG. They are light, compact, very low on memory, and the site's servers do all the heavy lifting. You will experience a very smooth game.

There are often changes in the mobile market, particular as they pertain to gambling. Stay tuned in, and if there are any mobile changes you need to be aware of, our resource site will be the first to deliver to you the news in full.